Affiliate Program FAQ

What is’s affiliate program? Our affiliate program is a rewarding opportunity that allows you to earn by promoting our specialized dating platform for individuals with STDs. By joining, you can help connect people while generating income from new paying members you introduce to our community.

Is there a cost to join the affiliate program? Absolutely not. Joining our affiliate program is free, and you can start earning with your first successful referral. Setting up is quick and straightforward.

Does my site qualify for the affiliate program? We welcome all sites that do not promote or engage in illegal activities. There are no minimum traffic requirements; we value quality and relevance over quantity.

Can I participate if my content isn’t in English? Yes, non-English websites are welcome as long as they adhere to our Affiliate Terms and respect our community’s standards.

What if my country isn’t listed during sign-up? Should you encounter this, please reach out to us directly so we can assist in setting up your affiliate account.

How do you ensure the security of my data? We prioritize your privacy and security, employing various measures to protect your information. However, we advise against sharing sensitive data through unsecured channels.

What promotion methods are allowed? We encourage creative and ethical promotion. Whether through blogs, social media, or other channels, ensure your methods are legal and truthful.

Is email marketing permitted? To maintain the integrity of our community, we strictly prohibit unsolicited email marketing (spam). Affiliates found engaging in such practices will face immediate termination of their partnership.

Can I access your user database for promotions? To protect our members’ privacy, we do not provide access to email addresses or personal information for promotional purposes.

Where can I get marketing materials? For banners and other promotional materials, we recommend platforms like Canva and Adobe Express, which offer free resources to help you create engaging content.

For further inquiries or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reporting & Tracking FAQ

What’s the difference between “Referrals” and “Sales”?

“Referrals” count the free member sign-ups from your promotions, while “Sales” track paid memberships originating from your efforts.

Can I manage profiles on my site? handles all customer service and membership management, allowing affiliates to concentrate solely on marketing.

How long do cookies last in your program?

Our affiliate program cookies have a 14-day lifespan, tracking referrals within this period.

Billing & Payments FAQ

Agreement Terms & Termination:

Your affiliate partnership begins upon registration and can be ended by either party with written notice.

Payment Methods & Schedule:

Receive your earnings via PayPal, Wise, or bank transfer. Payments are issued around the 15th each month, provided your earnings exceed $100. Balances below $100 roll over to the next payment period. Chargebacks or refunds will be deducted from your commission.

International Payments:

For non-U.S. payments, provide your name, payment type, SWIFT/BIC, account number, and address details. For U.S. payments, provide your name, payment type, routing number, account number, and address details.

Chargebacks & Creditbacks:

Maintain a chargeback ratio below 1% to avoid commission holds and qualify for bonuses. Chargebacks are refunds post-transaction, while creditbacks are membership cancellations.

Tax Responsibility:

Taxes on earnings are your responsibility, with no deductions from us.

Earnings from Free Profiles:

Earnings from free profile sign-ups are final; upgrades do not earn additional bonuses.

Lead Definition:

A “lead” is a completed and approved profile on our site.

For further questions or details, feel free to reach out to us.